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My Wikia is about YandereDev and his games. Mostly about Yandere Simulator.

Rivals Edit

In Yandere Simulator, there are 10 rivals planned for the game. The first rival, Osana Najimi, is Senpai's childhood friend and is a tsundere. The second rival, Amai Odayaka, is the school's Cooking Club's president, and is is sweet and gentle. The third rival is Kizana Sunobu, who is the Drama Club's president, and she is a himedere The fourth rival is Oka Ruto, one of the rivals who is currently in the game, and is the Occult Club's president. The fifth rival is Asu Rito, and she is the Sports Club's president. The sixth rival will be the first faculty member rival, and her name is Muja Kina. She is the school's substitute nurse, as the old nurse will be on a vacation. The seventh rival will also be a faculty member and her name is Mida Rana. The eight rival is Osoro, and she is the Delinquent's leader. The ninth rival is Senpai's Sister, Hanako Yamada. Finally, the tenth rival is Megami Saikou, who will be the most powerful and richest rival.


Elimination Methods:

Each rival will have 16 elimination methods, unless there are more planned in the future. They will also have a unique-elimination method, which is a method that only applies to them and none of the other rivals. Every rivals eliminations will be different and might include their weakness.

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